Cluster Demonstration

Sl.NoYearVillageSeasonTypeTitleDetail Of TechnologyResultBeneficiaryFile UploadImageImage1
1 2016-17Pudamari, BrundabanpurkharifPulseDemonstration of Blackgram Variety PU-35 Improved method of Black gram cultivation with variety PU-35 & seed treatment with bioagent, seed inoculation with Rhizobium culture and sodium molybdate & STBF application @20:40:40 NPK /ha & necessary plant protection measures 7.3 q/ha75 Click Download
2 2016-17Jaleswarkhandi,Handighara & MahachhaiRabiOil SeedDemonstration of Groundnut Variety DeviDevi+seed treatment +soil test based fertiliser and required pp chemicals 23.8107 Click Download
3 2017-18RajanapalliRabiPulseCluster frontline demonstration on greengram Improved seeds (IPM-02-14), Seed inoculation with Rhizobium culture, weed management through application of Imazethapyr @ 300 ml /ac; Line sowing behind the plough, Soil test based fertilizer application, Plant protection chemical thiamethoxam@5gm/15 lit of water for control of sucking pests7.65 q/ha 50 Click Download
4 2017-18BadakharidaRabiOil SeedCFLD on groundnut Improved seeds (Kadiri-6), Seed treatment with Vitavax power @2gm/kg of seed , Soil test based fertilizer application, Required Plant protection chemicals 20.2675 Click Download
5 2017-18Chandipadar, HugulapataRabiOil SeedCFLD on sesamum Improved seeds (GT-10), Seed treatment ,Soil test based fertilizer, Micronutrient and required pp chemicals19.23 q/ha50 Click Download
6 2018-19BanpurRabiPulseCluster frontline demonstration on greengram 1. HYV of greengram IPM 02-14 2. Seed treatment with Carbendazim To control fungal borne diseases 3. Spraying of Multineem @ 5 ml/lt of water. 4. Indoxacarb@1ml/lt to control pod borer 5. Imidachloprid 17.6 % SL @ 4 ml/10 lt of water for control sucking pest 6. Installation of Yellow sticky trap for control of sucking pest 6.1 q/ha 50 Click Download
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